Where to plonk my Adobe extensions?

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Where to plonk and unzip my .zip extensions? OS USER / ALL USERS HERE'S WHERE YOU NEED TO UNZIP THE EXTENSION ZIP FILE Mac All Users /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions Mac User /Users/TREVOR/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions You can press Command Shift G in Finder and paste ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions If the extensions folder doesn't exist yet then create it. Press Command Shift G in Finder and paste ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe then create a new folder called CEP and inside the CEP folder create a new folder called extensions Windows All Users C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions For Adobe CC2015 and before use C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions Windows User C:\Users\TREVOR\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CEP\extensions You can paste %appdata%\Adobe\CEP\extensions in the Windows Explorer bar to get there If the extensions folder doesn't exist yet then create it. Paste %appdata%\Adobe in the Windows Explorer bar and then create a new folder called CEP and inside the CEP folder create a new folder called extensions NOTES (1) Replace TREVOR with your username if your username is not TREVOR (2) If in doubt use the "All Users" folders (3) Don't forget to Unzip the zip file! (4) If the extension's not signed please see here how to make it usable. What to do with a zxp file? … Read More

CSTK In Adobe App Console and Development Tool

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CSTK version 2.1 is now available. What's it's all about? A JSX, JS and SHELL console you can user right inside to Adobe apps (Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects). A set of HTML extensions tools. How to Use? Mess around until you get the idea. See the instructions on the GitHub page Watch this video 👇 How to install? The best method is described on the GitHub page so use that if you can. If not you can download the extensions zip file here and plonk it in the extensions folder. Or you can download the zxp file here and use an installer like this one (Do not double click the zxp file!). What is this repository NOT for? Text editing, developing projects & testing projects. Use an appropriate text editor and developing environment for that. Any features? An in Adobe CC app console for JSX, JSX and CMD / Bash. This is convenient for checking out and changing DOM properties and testing out the JS compatibilities of a given app version. The JSX console now shows useful error messages even with InDesign (Error, line# and source line) The $.writeln() and $.write() and __log() __error() and __result() … Read More

JSX.js A Game Changer in Adobe HTML Extensions Development?

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JSX.js is a simple api to significantly speedup and simplify your extensions development. The manifest.xml is the file that instructs the CEP engine about the setup of the extension, in which host applications should it be run, what should be the dimensions of the UI if any, etc. etc. and the location of the "index.html" and "host.jsx", well thus goes the manual. The problem with the manual's approach is that every time you make a change in the host.jsx you have to restart the application to see the change*. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just at a click of a button and in an instance restart the extension so that all the changes in all the files** including the jsx files are reflected? Well it's dead simple, at least when someone's done the tough stuff for you. Also wouldn't it be nice if executing jsx scripts from the js engine was made really simple without the need of "quoting" + every + "other" + word? Wouldn't it be nice if when we run our jsx scripts they can know there own path? If the answer to those question is yes then continue reading otherwise adios amigos * On … Read More

Adobe HTML Panels Development
What you need to know & where to find it?

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So your are or you want to be a "HTML Panels Developer". What do you need to know to be successful and where can you find the answers? Well your number one resource, . When you have a question use your favorite search engine and go for it. Often the search will come up with a result from Stackoverflow, more often than not these results are very useful. (See below for the HTML extensions specific links.) Need to knows: Git When you start a project after you've created your empty project folder you need to do a git init. What is git and why is it so important? Git tracks the changes you make to the files in the project. It can show you them and revert to them and a very lot more. There is a huge amount written on git, I have a book of about 500 pages on it, but what you need to know is about 1 or 2 pages worth, so don't panic. Once you have done your git commit you want to upload it to an online private repository, this will be useful as a backup and an easy way of getting the extension … Read More

Setting Cep Debug Mode and Log Level the Easy Way

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Here's a real basic level post on a topic that's not documented quite as it should be. As well know in order to get an unsigned extension to work one has to set up the debug mode, this is dead easy. To set the debug level.

To turn off the debug mode do the same just changing the 1 that comes after PlayerDebugMode to 0. Thanks to Kris Coppieters for the killall -u `whoami` cfprefsd method of killing cfprefsd, this method is easier than other documented ones. To set the log level.

The log levels are as follows. 0 – Off (No logs are generated) 1 – Error (the default logging value) 2 – Warn 3 – Info 4 – Debug 5 – Trace 6 – All So change the 6 in the above snippets to value of the level you want. The examples here are for CEP7 (CC 2017) for CEP8 change the CSXS.7 to CSXS.8 for CEP9 to CSXS.9 etc. This is the #1 reason that extensions stop to work when a new CC version comes out. HTH Trevor