Logo Package Express Extension

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Logo Package Express Version 2 Updated 5 August 2020 for version 2 As the developer of logo package express I'm proud to say we now have thousands of happy customers We'll at least Michael for whom I developed the software has thousands of happy customers If you want to join the happy clan and want a $20 discount on the logo package express use this link. The Logo Package Express discount coupon will be applied automatically 🙌. Here's some of the new features: ✅ File and folder name customization ✅ Pantone first workflow ✅ Multiple scale exports ✅ Naming and scale presets ✅ New UI/UX ✅ Clear Space / padding ✅ Cleaner Illustrator Files ✅ Native Mac and Windows installers Padding Naming Presets & Multiple Scales Updated 28 May 2019 for version 1.1.0 We developed The Abobe ® Illustrator Logo Package Express Extension for The Logo Package, a company run by entrepreneur and product designer, Michael Bruny-Groth. The feedback we have had so far (more than 275 logo designers have purchased the product and it has been less than a week from its launch!) has been terrific. People are so excited about it, how much time they are going to save … Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts For Illustrator Scripts

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Copy the script file into Illustrators Scripts folder. Windows: Somewhere like "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC 2019\Presets\en_US\Scripts" Mac: Somewhere like "/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2019/Presets/en_US/Scripts" One can easily navigate to this path by holding the command key and clicking on the Illustrator icon. If Illustrator is open then close it and restart it. If it's closed then open it. The script should now appear in the File menu File > Scripts > mySuperDuperScript Open the action panel Windows > Actions Pick or create an action set. To create a new action set click on the actions panels folder icon. Call is something really nice like "My Scripts" or "Creative Scripts" Create a new action by clicking on the actions panels folded paper icon. Call it something informative like "My Super Duper Script", make sure it's plonked into the correct set. Assign it a function key with or without key modifiers (Shift / Control) as desired. Click on record (The circle icon at the bottom of the panel). Click on the actions panels menu icon (located at the top right corner of the panel), click on "Insert Menu Item…" . If you forgot to click on record this option could be grayed out. … Read More