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Updated 28 May 2019 for version 1.1.0

We developed The Abobe ® Illustrator Logo Package Express Extension for The Logo Package, a company run by entrepreneur and product designer, Michael Bruny-Groth.

The feedback we have had so far (more than 275 logo designers have purchased the product and it has been less than a week from it's launch!) has been terrific. People are so excited with it, how much time they are going to save and how easy it is to package production ready logos!

The extension allows one to select the different parts of the logo, i.e. the logo mark, the logotype and the tagline and a spread will be produced of the logo parts in various color schemes. Full color, one color (by default black but you can recolor to any color), white, inverse (for dark background changes the dark colors to white), grayscale, Pantone ® solid coated and uncoated. It produces spreads for print CMYK and web RGB

One deletes any artboards one is not interested in and then clicks on the export button and one gets a structured file tree of all the combinations. File export formats are (Ai, PDF, EPS, SVG, PNG and JPG).

V1.1.0 Update

  • 2 installs for each license (1 for work 1 for home)
  • Ai files exported about 90% smaller.
  • Eps files about 70% smaller.
  • The whole logo package about 50% smaller.
  • Ai and Eps files are cleaner, with unused swatches, graphic styles and symbols are removed.
  • Install script included.
  • Brits now get Grey, Yanks stay Gray

Click here to purchase the product.

Pick the Logo Parts
Logo Builder
Generate the Spreads
Print (CMYK) Logo Spread
Export The Files
File Tree
Logo Settings
Help with builtin tutorial video
Help Page

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2 Comments on “Logo Package Express Extension”

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    1) I've been watching this tool for a while and thinking of getting it these days. It's now for sale and I have been tinkering about it for a while. I found because I was in the process of making it myself, I like doing scripts and have gathered, adjusted and customized quite a few.

    2) I find this plugin is a must-have, though he price doubling since last year I don't understand??

    3) One drawback is that I dislike the folder structure he uses. I use a different approach and don't make so many folders which this one does. It makes things way too complicated for the client I think. Normally clients don't even understand when to use which version and this one multiplies that by 10, way too many folders. Also, many folders makes finding files super tedious. I dump them in DISPLAY and PRINT and then use JPG, PNG, AI, PDF then each folder gets all versions. Much compacted info folder terms and the client can find all versions in the same single folder.

    4) Are the scripts set to binary? I was thinking of buying and then adjusting the part where it builds and outputs the files to the folders?

    5) I wish it had a method that you feed is a CSV with a folder structure and that it simply uses that. But that is quite completed with the script setup I guess.

    (Edited by Trevor)

    1. Trevor


      1) Sorry for beating you to it!
      2) The price hike was because of the product hike. The original script based version of the product (not made by me) was much more basic. When I was commissioned to develop the panel based version the plan was to have a basic and a pro version with the basic keeping the original price and a pro version for the current price. I wasn't happy with the workflow of the basic version and convinced Michael (the product owner) to trash the basic version. In short, one pays more for a Mercedes than a Volkswagen.
      3) Regarding the folder structure, I think we have sold around 1,500 licenses and to my knowledge, we have only had one other request to change the folder structure, nevertheless, I agree that the option for a simpler but not fully customizable folder structure would be a good feature. It is on the Trello board of features to consider. We are working on version 2 now and it might make it there and might not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      4) Yes, the script is binary and not customizable. In theory, I could make customization but they would be expensive and aimed at the enterprise market.
      5) Yep, that would be complicated!

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