JSX.js A Game Changer in Adobe HTML Extensions Development?

TrevorAdobe Extensions11 Comments

JSX.js is a simple API to significantly speedup and simplify your extensions development. The manifest.xml is the file that instructs the CEP engine about the setup of the extension, in which host applications should it be run, what should be the dimensions of the UI if any, etc. etc. and the location of the "index.html" and "host.jsx", well thus goes the manual. The problem with the manual's approach is that every time you make a change in the host.jsx you have to restart the application to see the change. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just at a click of a button and in an instance restart the extension so that all the changes in all the files including the jsx files are reflected? Well it's dead simple, at least when someone's done the tough stuff for you. Also wouldn't it be nice if executing jsx scripts from the js engine was made really simple without the need of "quoting" + every + "other" + word? Wouldn't it be nice if when we run our jsx scripts they can know there own path? If the answer to those question is yes then continue reading otherwise adios amigos On some … Read More