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Well after several years of having zilch products listed here we're finally adding one
Hope to add a bunch more both free and commercial but in the meantime we'll start with one.

Logo Package Express Extension:

Extension Panel

We developed The Abobe ® Illustrator Logo Package Express Extension for The Logo Package, a company run by entrepreneur and product designer, Michael Bruny-Groth.

The feedback we have had so far (more than 275 logo designers have purchased the product and it has been less than a week from it's launch!) has been terrific. People are so excited with it, how much time they are going to save and how easy it is to package production ready logos!

The extension allows one to select the different parts of the logo, i.e. the logo mark, the logotype and the tagline and a spread will be produced of the logo parts in various color schemes. Full color, one color (by default black but you can recolor to any color), white, inverse (for dark background changes the dark colors to white), grayscale, Pantone ® solid coated and uncoated. It produces spreads for print CMYK and web RGB

One deletes any artboards one is not interested in and then clicks on the export button and one gets a structured file tree of all the combinations. File export formats are (Ai, PDF, EPS, SVG, PNG and JPG).
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Pick the Logo Parts
Logo Builder
Generate the Spreads
Print (CMYK) Logo Spread
Export The Files
File Tree
Logo Settings
Help with builtin tutorial video
Help Page

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