Setting Cep Debug Mode and Log Level the Easy Way

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Here's a real basic level post on a topic that's not documented quite as it should be. As well know in order to get an unsigned extension to work one has to set up the debug mode, this is dead easy. To set the debug level.

To turn off the debug mode do the same just changing the 1 that comes after PlayerDebugMode to 0. Thanks to Kris Coppieters for the killall -u `whoami` cfprefsd method of killing cfprefsd, this method is easier than other documented ones. To set the log level.

The log levels are as follows. 0 – Off (No logs are generated) 1 – Error (the default logging value) 2 – Warn 3 – Info 4 – Debug 5 – Trace 6 – All So change the 6 in the above snippets to value of the level you want. The examples here are for CEP9 (CC 2019) for CEP8 change the CSXS.9 to CSXS.8 for CEP10 to CSXS.10 etc. This is the #1 reason that extensions stop to work when a new CC version comes out. HTH Trevor