Logo Package Express Extension

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Logo Package Express Version 2 Updated 5 August 2020 for version 2 As the developer of logo package express I'm proud to say we now have thousands of happy customers We'll at least Michael for whom I developed the software has thousands of happy customers If you want to join the happy clan and want a $20 discount on the logo package express use this link. The Logo Package Express discount coupon will be applied automatically 🙌. Here's some of the new features: ✅ File and folder name customization ✅ Pantone first workflow ✅ Multiple scale exports ✅ Naming and scale presets ✅ New UI/UX ✅ Clear Space / padding ✅ Cleaner Illustrator Files ✅ Native Mac and Windows installers Padding Naming Presets & Multiple Scales Updated 28 May 2019 for version 1.1.0 We developed The Abobe ® Illustrator Logo Package Express Extension for The Logo Package, a company run by entrepreneur and product designer, Michael Bruny-Groth. The feedback we have had so far (more than 275 logo designers have purchased the product and it has been less than a week from its launch!) has been terrific. People are so excited about it, how much time they are going to save … Read More