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Custom Scripts & Services

Custom Scripts To give you an idea of the sort of work we do, the results you can expect and the technologies we deal with in our custom scripting services I have put together some FAQs and a portfolio of custom scripts we recently (as of March 2015) produced. See our custom scripts portfolio below for examples of automating: Adobe® InDesign® Adobe® Illustrator® Markzware® FlightCheck® and it's workflow with  Adobe® Illustrator® and Acrobat® Microsoft® Word®, Powerpoint®, Excel®, Adobe® ESTK® and ffmpeg® video workflow FAQs What sort of custom scripts do you make? The portfolio here should give you a good idea we specialize in automating Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator® and general workflow scripts.  For example if you wanted a script that upon placing an image file in a folder Adobe® Photoshop® would be triggered to process the image send it to InDesign which would extract some text content from an Excel file and generate a PDF presentation from the image and text and then send that PDF by email to a mailing list or upload it to your site then we would be a good address to turn to.  We also specialize in the improvement and development of efficient workflows. We … Read More


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